LeadLearnLive is focused on helping students like Jacob, Sarah, and Elijah.

Jacob has a natural talent with sound technology and wants be a broadcast engineer.
Sarah has won multiple awards for drama and wants to be a history teacher.
Elijah is a gifted artist and wants to create video games using his art.

These students and hundreds like them in Oklahoma deserve the chance to achieve their dreams.



The College Path

Four-year, inclusive college programs in other states are changing the outcome for these students leading to 70-80% of the graduates living independently and pursuing careers. Now, that’s significant! The families of these young adults worry about their futures. LeadLearnLive is determined to provide college as an option in Oklahoma…. ultimately leading to freedom and independence for these students!

A critical component of the comprehensive, individualized program is the integration of the students into all aspects of campus life, focusing on four pillars:  


Independent Living
Students will live in on-campus housing integrated with other students, with peer mentors as a roommate or close by.

Social Skills
Students will participate in campus activities and be engaged in a physical fitness routine with a peer mentor, improving skills in social interaction and navigating social situations.

Students will have the opportunity to take traditional university classes in their chosen career path, with appropriate supports, in addition to specialized classes relating to topics such as personal finance and career planning.  Tutors will be available for academic assistance.

Career Development
The students will be assigned to paid and unpaid internships throughout their four years, charting a path to meaningful employment in a career of choice!


LeadLearnLive’s program model is patterned after the nationally-recognized REACH program at the College of Charleston, which has some of the highest success statistics in the nation. Additionally, approval as a Comprehensive Transition Program (CTP) which ensures programs meet quality standards, will provide the opportunity for the students to receive federal financial aid. 

Upon completion of the four-year program, these students receive much more than a degree or certificate.  The new graduates will have life, social, and career skills that can lead them to success of the most important kind – LIFE SUCCESS.  



You can help!

You can help students like Jacob, Sarah and Elijah and hundreds of other Oklahoma students with intellectual and developmental disabilities gain freedom and independence…and live fulfilling lives.