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Jacob, Sarah & Elijah

Three bright, motivated students who dream of going to college in Oklahoma.  These are just three, of several hundred students that would love to have the choice for college. LeadLearnLive partnered with Northeastern State University in 2018 to begin the  RiverHawks Scholar Program, which was the first comprehensive, inclusive college program for students with intellectual or developmental disabilities (IDD) in Oklahoma!

But one program is not enough!

By design, these programs only admit a small number of students in order to individualize the supports that each student needs to be successful. The demand for these programs far outpaces the capacity of a single program. LeadLearnLive has amazing funders that made possible the first program in Oklahoma. Now we are working on raising funding for our second program! YOU can HELP! We are planning for our second program to be focused on students with moderate IDD. This second program will also follow best practice models in our nation.  The need is far greater than 1 program will accommodate. 



The very first 4 year college program for students with intellectual or development disability in Oklahoma  (2 MINutes)

Northeastern State University's RiverHawks Scholar Program


The RiverHawks Scholar Program

AT Northeastern State University


The first program of it’s kind in Oklahoma!

LeadLearnLive and Northeastern State University began the FIRST inclusive post secondary program for students with intellectual or developmental disabilities in Oklahoma! 

NSU is an amazing university to work with and has a core team of leadership committed to making this first program a flagship program for our state!  LeadLearnLive supported laying a firm foundation for a program of excellence by bringing in national presenters from College of Charleston and Think College  - the national coordinating center for these programs - to lead an intensive 2 day training for core leadership. 

Join us in celebrating 6 years of educating, building support and forming relationships to make this program a reality for Oklahoma students!  We hope it is the first of many in our state!

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Achieving Dreams


College Path

Four-year, comprehensive, inclusive college programs are changing the outcome for these students, leading to 70-80% of the graduates living independently and pursuing careers. Without these programs, only 35-40% ever reach the same level of independence and freedom. We don’t want that outcome for any of our Oklahoma students.  They deserve better!

LeadLearnLive is determined to provide college as an option in Oklahoma…. ultimately leading to freedom and independence for these students!


LeadLearnLive has raised the funding to begin the first four-year  college program in Oklahoma for students with intellectual or developmental disabilities. But we still need your help!

We are raising funding for our second program, which will focus on students with moderate IDD, as well as work on a collaboration framework to support more programs in Oklahoma!

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