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Jacob, Sarah & Elijah

Three bright, motivated students who dream of going to college in Oklahoma.  But their dreams aren’t possible.  That’s because Oklahoma is one of only 2 states without comprehensive, inclusive college programs for students with intellectual or developmental disabilities (IDD). That’s not OK.  These students and hundreds like them deserve the chance to achieving their dreams.  On over 250 college campuses throughout the U.S., these students are thriving in programs customized for their learning styles.  But not in Oklahoma.

LeadLearnLive is out to change that. And YOU can help us!  Listen to what Jacob, Sarah and Elijah have to say:



Lead Learn Live Short film (5:30 MINS)

Achieving Dreams


College Path

Four-year, comprehensive, inclusive college programs in other states are changing the outcome for these students, leading to 70-80% of the graduates living independently and pursuing careers.  Without these programs, only 35-40% ever reach the same level of independence and freedom.  We don’t want that outcome for our Oklahoma students.  They deserve better!

LeadLearnLive is determined to provide college as an option in Oklahoma…. ultimately leading to freedom and independence for these students!


LeadLearnLive is raising $375,000 to start a Pilot Program in Oklahoma.   Please help give these students the chance achieve their dreams! 

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