Julie Lackey

Personal message from our founder

Julie lackey

Welcome fellow trailblazers!!! Every parent knows firsthand the unique challenges of parenting.  One of the greatest rewards is seeing children grow and progress while overcoming obstacles along life’s journey. As you know, students with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities have even greater challenges.   One obstacle currently in place in our state is the lack of fully integrated support programs in our four-year colleges and universities, as well as our community colleges.

 This obstacle prevents our kids from realizing their hopes and aspirations for their future and as for employment, assigns many of them to being under-employed at best, unemployed at worst, and probably the most tragic outcome, living as a dependent for their adult life span. The board of LeadLearnLive is driven, dedicated, and focused to bringing amazing programs to Oklahoma that are currently very successful in other states.  We do not want to send our kids out of state for the opportunities that our own state could and should provide.  We know that there are amazing institutions of higher learning right here at home that would be ideal for programs that we illustrate in this website. We invite you to read through our information and get involved! We need donors, and we also need ‘connectors’ - those who can connect us to generous Oklahomans with a heart for our mission.  We have colleges and universities ready to begin.  All we need is seed money to get started!

Warm regards,

Julie Lackey
Founder, LeadLearnLive