Can students with intellectual or developmental disabilities choose to attend college and have the supports they need?

 YES! They can....but not in Oklahoma.

Students with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (IDD) deserve the chance to attend college.  On over 260 college campuses throughout the U.S., these students are thriving in programs customized for their learning styles.

Oklahoma is one of only 2 states without a comprehensive program.*   (*Per Think College 2016)
That's not OK.

LeadLearnLive is out to change that.    

LeadLearnLive's mission is to bring four-year degree or certificate, fully integrated post-secondary education programs for students with intellectual or developmental disabilities to Oklahoma that include the components of independent living, social skills, academics and career development.  

High School Graduation, Now What? 

Every year, several hundred students with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (IDD) graduate from Oklahoma high schools.  Many of these students will have out-performed their peers without disabilities.  What does their future hold? 

For those who want to continue learning and attend college, no programs are available with supports necessary for them to be successful.  Statistics show that, without attending a college program, only about 36% of these students will live independently and support themselves.

That's not OK.

And it's certainly not the Oklahoma standard of which we pride ourselves.


LeadLearnLive's program model is patterned after the nationally recognized REACH program at the College of Charleston.  The four year program will offer a certificate or degree that can lead to 70% or more of the graduates living independently and pursuing careers.  More details can be found on our Goals for Oklahoma page.  


LeadLearnLive is currently focused on raising funds to start a Pilot Program, with long-term plans to have programs on five public college campuses for students with varying levels of ability.  We are seeking generous Oklahomans and others who share our passion for bringing the dream of college to hudreds of students with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities.  To learn more, visit our Donate Now page!

 “Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome.”             Booker T. Washington


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Lead Learn Live is committed to establishing a Comprehensive Transition Program in OK.